About Us


Mary Boles, Owner

Working with horses has been Mary’s dream vocation since she was a junior in high school. She graduated from college in 1983, with a double major Bachelor of Science degree in Equestrian Science and Business Administration. From there, Mary became a professional groom for two renowned hunter/jumper barns before opening her own barn, boarding horses, teaching riding lessons, training hunter/jumpers, and running summer camps. In addition, she was active in breeding and racing New Mexico Quarter Horses. From 1997 to 2007, Mary became involved in teaching therapeutic riding lessons to handicapped adults and children. In 2001, she created a nonprofit therapeutic riding program called Strides Unlimited Therapeutic Riding in Abilene, Texas.

Mary was introduced to equine psychotherapy in 1998, when she attended an Equine Facilitated Mental Health (EFMHA) workshop in New Hampshire. At that time, equine psychotherapy was just emerging as a new therapeutic approach in the mental health field. In 2001, she participated in an Equine Psychotherapy clinic called Adventures in Awareness (AIA), given by Barbara Rector. Mary was inspired by the experiences of the workshops, particularly the transformative power of horses as metaphors for experiential learning, healing, and self-discovery. In 2013, Mary went back to school, after 30 years, in order to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. She will be completing her degree in December 2017. Mary recently purchased The Ranch at Trail End and her next step is to apply the training and life work to make her ranch a place where people are welcome to come and experience the healing growth and development with the transformative powers of the horse.



Lee McKenney,
General Manager of Airbnb and Horse Boarding at The Ranch at Trails End

Lee McKenney grew up in rural New England, on a dairy farm, with ponies in the backyard. Having horses for Lee has just been a way of life, which considers them as part of her family. Lee pursued management work in the corporate computer world, which was a big help supporting her four-legged kin. Horses were her favorite way to decompress from the demands and stress of the corporate world so she decided, in 1995, to buy a small farm and filled it with horses, goats and chickens. In 2001, Lee seized the opportunity of taking an early retirement package from the corporation job and started pursuing more fun jobs as a professional groom, sales at a tack shop, client center for Dover Saddlery, and cleaning and repair of horse blankets. Along with the many years of managing, caring and handling of horses at her farm, Lee became efficient in proper grooming/cleaning of horses and tack, proper fitting of saddles, tack, blankets, etc. which nicely expanded upon her horsemanship skills. In 2012, Lee decided to move along with her horse, to the warmer climates of Arizona. Once settled in the Cottonwood area she soon met Mary Boles, where they both were boarding their horses at the same stable, and became fast friends and riding buddies. Lee quickly moved her horse over to Mary’s newly acquired awesome Equine Stable/Airbnb Ranch. Doing what she loves and with the wide breadth of her experience with horses and business management, Lee became the general ranch manager. Lee is living her dream and will always strive to commit to maintaining a safe and healthy atmosphere for both clients and horses. When at the stable, Lee will assure you that your horse will be well taken care of and hopes to inspire everyone there to enjoy themselves.